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New OneDrive API

Efficient file sync

List changes to files and folders, to keep large sets of files in sync efficiently.

Large file support

Reliably upload large files up to 10 GBs.

URL as a content source

Upload a file from a public URL.

Special folders

Use shortcuts for common OneDrive folders that work even when they've been moved.


Find files using customized queries across filename, content, or tags.

CORS support

Call the OneDrive API from your own web app.

More resources

Picker and saver SDKs

Quickly open and save files to OneDrive with only a few lines of code.

API Console

Try out the new OneDrive API in an interactive API console.

Sample Code

Learn more about the OneDrive API through code samples.

OneDrive API documentation

Get started using the OneDrive API.

App Registration

Register your OneDrive app in a few steps.


Apps that work with OneDrive




Open a ticket with Microsoft Support to report a bug.

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Stack Overflow

Q&A with the OneDrive tech community.

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Start using the OneDrive API today.

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User Voice

Suggest a new feature on the OneDrive User Voice community.

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